Air Jordan Retro 9 University Blue and Gold: Ultimate Styling & Buyers Guide

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Hit the jump and pass the ball in style with this definitive performance and style guide to the Air Jordan 9 Retro Sneakers.

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Where to Buy Air Jordan Retro 9 University Blue/Gold

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Release Date: 1993-1994, 2020
Average Price: $200 to $300
Style Number: CT8019-140
Know to have a super firm ground grip.
Cushioning is somewhat rough. Not the best looking in terms of design.
WaxNKicks Style Rating:
2.88/5 (pass)

The initial Air Jordan 9 release was in 1993-1994, with four models dropping. Tinker Hatfield designed these historical sneakers and was incredibly inspired by Japanese design and culture while creating them. In addition, these sneakers tell an international story, featuring several words in different languages on the outsoles based on Michael Jordan’s philosophy on and off the court.

At the back of the sneakers, there’s a rising sun motif with the Jumpman logo. Moreover, the sneakers also feature an encapsulated Air-Sole unit at the heel, a polyurethane midsole, and a Dynamic-fit inner bootie. To conclude, these Jordans also feature a one-pull speed lacing system.

Where to Buy Air Jordan 9 University Blue
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The first model launched when Michael Jordan left professional basketball to take on a baseball career. These signature sneakers were the only ones that Jordan didn’t wear during his run at the Chicago Bulls. Nevertheless, other basketball players such as Penny Hardaway, Mitch Richmond, and Kendall Gill wore them on the court. BJ Armstrong played in these sneakers, but the model he wore had his jersey number at the back instead of the standard “23”. In 2002, four Air Jordan 9s were released, and the Jordan 9 Cleats were released between 2002–2003.

The Air Jordan 9 Retro “University Blue” Sneakers 

The Air Jordan Retro 9 “University Blue” can be found on, and other select retailers.

To start off, the high-cut uppers consist of crisp white leather combined with color-blocking black synthetic on the collar, mudguard, and heel. There’s a contrast of black laces sitting on top of the slightly rough white tongue. Next, you’ll find striking black midsoles and white outsoles, which evokes the yin/yang element.

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The “University Blue” model includes several branded accents, the most notable ones being the heel’s blue #23 graphic logo and rubberized badge at the back. As seen on the fabric tongue tag, a meticulously placed duo Jumpman is also on both the lateral side of the midsole and the outsole of the heel in contrast to the Air Jordan 7s that features the Jumpman on the linear side. To sum up, the Air Jordan Retro 9 “University Blue” is reminiscent of the original Air Jordan 9 “Space Jam” that launched in 2016.


Air Jordan 9 Retro University Blue
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The traction for the Air Jordan 9 Retro “University Blue” sneakers is as previously seen on earlier Air Jordan models that have a flat-based traction surface. Designed with flex grooves, their natural shape, and angled details add to the movement, flow, and flex of these shoes. This always allows the foot’s strike zones to have a firm grip on the ground. Also, the outsole is remarkable in both function and fashion.


Air Jordan 9 Retro University Blue
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There are two cushion units on this shoe—one at the forefoot and one at the heel, both encapsulated inside of a polyurethane midsole. When you start wearing these sneakers, the cushion feels somewhat rough, but as time goes by, these sneakers become softer through regular wear and tear. Additionally, there’s a subtle bounce on the heel upon impact, which is on par with all Air Jordan sneakers. This bounce is a stellar feature to have while playing any game, from basketball to even baseball.


The material and the fit are not one of Nike’s finest works for the Air Jordan 9 design. These were crafted from cheap mesh material and low-quality, split-grain leather with overlays of unnecessarily extra split grains surrounding the polyurethane coatings. In fact, it ultimately translated to the Air Jordan 9 fitting true to size but having insufficient support.

Unfortunately, the sneaker has only one piece of thin split-grain. It’s attached to another thin layer of nubuck, the glossy black material featuring a shimmering effect that shines in the light. Overall, the materials used in this pair of sneakers may not withstand wear and tear over time.


Air Jordan 9 Retro University Blue
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These sneakers fit true to size yet are pretty snug at the sides. When purchasing these sneakers, it’s best to go up by half a size. These Air Jordan 9 Retro shoes have a slightly rough tongue and the inner sleeves fit tightly like glue. On the other hand, the other leather upper is the polar opposite and feels very loose.

Regrettably, users have claimed some blistering at the toes due to them rubbing against the shoe’s inner lining. However, a welcomed addition is the innovative speed lacing. These laces feature high-tech synthetics such as TPU (a blend of rubber and plastic). In a nutshell, these sneakers can feel super soft. Even though the fit needs some time to break-in, the comfort could’ve been better if they had added the polyurethane insole.


The breathability and ventilation of these sneakers are adequate. The sleeve leaves room for heat and moisture to escape. On the other hand, the leather is not breathable and traps heat and humidity. Ventilation issues can also happen because of snug fit or other fitting issues.


Air Jordan 9 Retro University Blue
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If all you’re looking for is a pair of fun yet fashionable sneakers, then the Air Jordan 9 Retro “University Blue” is a good choice. However, keep in mind that you can roll an ankle while playing sports because of their poor fit. In a nutshell, the highlights these head-turning sneakers offer are their spectacular traction and a stellar cushion that provides excellent support.

The Air Jordan 9 Retro “Dark Charcoal University Gold” Sneakers

You can buy these Air Jordan 9 Retro “Dark Charcoal University Gold” sneakers at, and other select retailers.

Air Jordan 9 Retro University Gold
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The Air Jordan Retro 9 “University Gold” in Dark Charcoal is the remastered and reimagined version of the original Charcoal Air Jordan 9s. These Jordans boast a matte black iteration instead of a glossy one. Again, there’s polyurethane encapsulated inside the sole to offer some solid support. The upper is made up of synthetic leather and is as wide as a baseball sneaker.  The result of these sneakers is flimsy as they leave too much room for your feet to shift around, which is not a good feeling even if you’re playing baseball.

In terms of branding, the Air Jordan Retro 9 “Dark Charcoal University Gold” sneakers are more subtle with no flashy air logo on them. The OG color blocking using a new colorway of charcoal and gold detail makes these sneakers stand out. As always, with the Air Jordans, there’s a full-speed lacing system. Go up half a size as these sneakers do have a snug fit—your toes will thank you for it.

Air Jordan 9 Retro University Gold
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How to Style 

The Nike Jordan Retro 9 “University Blue” 

Black on Black 

Styling for The Nike Jordan Retro 9 "University Blue" 

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Pair these dope chunky shoes with black clothing for a monochromatic look that results in some massive drip. For a timeless yet classic look, wear a black jacket, a black long-sleeved sweatshirt, and a pair of black skinny jeans.

White on Black 

Styling for The Nike Jordan Retro 9 "University Blue" 
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Air Jordan 9s are bulky, so to offset that, it’s best to pair them with a well-tailored outfit. For a minimalist yet modern look, opt for a white hoodie, black skinny jeans, and your pair of Air Jordan Retro 9 “University Blue” sneakers.


how to style Air Jordan Retro 9 "University Blue" sneakers

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You can’t go wrong with a basic white t-shirt, a black and white zip-up jacket, a pair of black sweatpants, and the Air Jordan Retro 9 “University Blue” sneakers.

Washed Out Denim on Denim

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Focusing on the bottoms is what’s most crucial in pulling off a look with the Air Jordan Retro 9 sneakers. One of the most subtle yet sophisticated ways of styling them is with a washed-out denim jacket, a colorful hoodie, and some light-washed, loose-fitting jeans.

The Air Jordan Retro 9 “Dark Charcoal University Gold”

The Air Jordan Retro 9 "Dark Charcoal University Gold" sneakers
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Plaid Shirt

The Air Jordan Retro 9 "Dark Charcoal University Gold" sneakers

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For a laid-back look, wear these epic shoes with a baseball cap of your favorite team, a black t-shirt, a red and black plaid shirt over it, and a pair of dark blue straight-cut, washed-out jeans.

Plaid Pants 

The Air Jordan Retro 9 "Dark Charcoal University Gold" sneakers

Image of Kemba Walker courtesy of Complex Sneakers Twitter page. 

A pair of red and black form-fitting plaid pants, a statement necklace, a white turtleneck sweater, a red coat, and the Air Jordan Retro 9 “Dark Charcoal University Gold” sneakers make a refined look.

Black Cardigan Sweater

The Air Jordan Retro 9 "Dark Charcoal University Gold" sneakers

Image of @RussWest44 courtesy of sole collector’s Twitter page.

Dress in an understated yet polished way with a black beanie, a black t-shirt, a black cardigan or blazer, and light blue washed-out skinny jeans. Finally, accessorize with a necklace, a watch, and a bracelet to finish off this casual yet chic look.

Oversized Hoodie

The Air Jordan Retro 9 "Dark Charcoal University Gold" sneakers

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Think of structure, balance, and dimension when you pick your outfits. An effortless way to pull off the Air Jordan Retro 9 sneakers is to wear a baseball cap, an oversized hoodie, and some skinny jeans, regardless of the color tone you choose. However, you have to style everything according to the sneaker’s colorway.

When did the Jordan 9 Retro University Blue come out?

The Jordan 9 Retro University Blue were released between December 5th and December 9th, 2020 at sporting good and shoe retailers across the United States.

Will the Jordan 1 University Blue be sold in stores?

The Jordan 1 Unversity Blue will be sold in stores such as Nike, Champ Sports, DICKS, and other popular sneaker retailers.

How much does a Jordan 9 cost?

A Jordan 9 cost $199 at retial price but can be purchased online at eBay for as low as $120.

Is Airjordanoutlet com legit?

We havbe already received a feww emails asking if Airjordanoutlet com legit. The answer is NO the Airjordanoutlet com web page is not legit and should never be clicked on.


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