10 Best Sports Cards Forums/Communities: Rabbit Holes Ahead

10 Best Sports Cards Forums/Communities: Rabbit Holes Ahead

For sports card enthusiasts, the internet has been a revolutionary tool that has allowed them to find like-minded people with the click of a few buttons.

This has led to the creation of plenty of online communities where collectors can gather and discuss all the different aspects of sports card investing and collecting.

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Similar to how magazines helped spark an interest in collecting during their heyday, the internet has allowed the hobby to blossom and grow at a rapid rate.

While the internet has been this magical place where collectors can find friends even if they don’t live close to each other in a physical sense, it has also created some new issues. People can hide their identities online and this means that they are more likely to be dishonest or rude.

For people interested in card collecting, finding a good online community is crucial to ensure that they are in a space where they’re not going to be attacked or ripped off.

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Thus, there are few things more valuable to a person interested in the card industry than a reputable online community. Everyone has their different preferences and different corners of the internet have their own sets of values and norms that people follow. Therefore, there should be a place where everyone can feel comfortable, meet similar people, and make some friends.

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To help you figure out where are the best places on the internet to discuss sports cards, we’ve created this list that features ten different spots. Of course, the explosion in the popularity of sports cards has led to the creation of a ton of different websites and forums and it would be impossible to fit them all on one list. These ten all are reputable and have been around for a while. They are robust and active as there is always a constant conversation happening, allowing collectors from all around the world to make connections.

Without further ado, here are the ten best sports cards forums and communities:


10. /r/TradingCardCommunitity (Reddit)

First up on the list is the subreddit known as /r/TradingCardCommunitity. While this subreddit isn’t only for sports cards, much of the discussion is centered around sports or general card knowledge. There are almost 6,000 members in this community and there are guaranteed to be at least a few people refreshing at all times of the day.

There is plenty of discussion about which cards are the best investment options, hobby box reviews, and much more. This is a good place for education and entertainment. Remember to be cautious making deals with people you meet through any of these sites, but especially those on Reddit as the platform grants its users a high level of anonymity.


9. Cardboard Connection (Facebook)

Cardboard Connection has established itself as one of the authoritarian sources on everything sports cards across the internet. While many collectors may be familiar with their website and all the great content they create, they may not know about their Facebook group where people come together to discuss sports cards and everything related to them.

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The Cardboard Connection Facebook page has over 10,000 likes as people from around the world show their appreciation for the work that they do. They share all their articles and guides to their Facebook page as posts so that you can have everything you need in one easy-to-access area.


8. Baseball Card Community (Facebook)

While the name suggests that this group focuses solely on baseball cards, that isn’t the truth. This popular Facebook group has discussions around all the major North American sports and the cards associated with them. Check here for news on upcoming releases, general industry news, and more.

The page has over 8,000 likes as people want to stay updated with the news side of the industry. There are so many different releases that it can be hard to keep up with the latest announcements. With this group, you can have one place that you visit to have it all.


7. Sports Card Memorabilia Forum (Online Forum)

No matter what level of collector you are, casual to intense investor, the Sports Card Forum community will have information that is of value to you. The forum is further broken up into many different subsections including but not limited to: announcements, contests, general discussion, general talk, a list of scammers, and of course specific sections for every sport.

The forum uses an account system that helps increase accountability as users can earn points to prove their reputation. Another useful feature that is on this forum is the sidebar that lists all the upcoming card shows from around the United States. This can be helpful for people that want to get out and meet other collectors in real life, especially since there are expected to be many trade shows now that the COVID-19 pandemic is getting under control.


6. Gold Card Auctions (Facebook)

gold card auctions facebook

One of the best websites on the internet for rookie card guides that alert collectors as to the hottest investments of the moment, Gold Card Auctions also has a corresponding Facebook page that has over 21,000 likes. Gold Card Auctions performs many different services that can be hard to find from other online communities. One example of that is their consulting program where they help you get the best investments in the industry, directly into your hands.

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Joining the Gold Card Auctions team on Facebook can allow you to stay updated with all that’s happening inside of their ecosystem. Get the latest news on articles posted to their website, get to know other fans of their work, and contribute your thoughts on the latest happenings in the sports card industry.


5. TCDB.com (Website)

The Trading Card Database is one of the best resources for anyone interested in trading cards, no matter if they’re related to sports or not. The site is split up into many distinct parts that each cater towards a different section of the industry. From highlighting a random card of the day to some of the most active forums on the internet, this website is worth a bookmark for every sports card collector.

The forums on TCDB also have a section where collectors can buy and sell from each other. These smaller marketplaces are becoming more popular because of the power of technology and can be a good way to get cards for a good deal if you can form relationships with the sellers on the site.


4. Net54Baseball.com (Website)

While focused on baseball cards, Net54Baseball does have forums for most of the major sports. The website is purely forums and there is a solid community that has been cultivated. The forums are split so that baseball cards from different eras can be discussed on their own. There is a section for modern cards, a section for postwar cards, and other similar sections. Because each of these eras comes with its own unique characteristics, this is a welcome way to organize the site.

The forums even have sections for off-topic discussion as well as areas for newcomers to introduce themselves. This makes it easier for new collectors to join the website and immediately find a group of friends to bounce ideas off of.


3. Beckett Forum (Online Forum)

Everyone that has spent some time in the baseball card industry will recognize the Beckett brand. They are one of the largest card grading companies and have a massive presence as they touch everything related to sports cards. Because of their huge brand, many collectors flock to their forums where there is much more discussion than just about their grading service. There are hundreds of thousands of different threads and no matter what your question is, you can find someone to answer it here.

With almost two million members registered on the forum, though there are far fewer who are active at any one given moment, the Beckett website may have the internet’s largest sports card forum.


2. /r/Baseballcards (Reddit)

The second subreddit on this list, /r/BaseballCards has almost 50,000 members and is home to some of the most high-quality sports cards discussion on the internet. There are photos of great pulls, funny memes, case breaks, as well as educational content that can help even the most experienced of collectors.

Reddit allows people all over the world to come together and discuss their hobbies. Sports cards are no different and this subreddit is the premier one for fans of sports cards.


1. BlowoutForums (Online Forum)

The crown jewel of online sports card forums, Blowout Forums is widely regarded as one of the most significant websites for the sports card industry. It’s here that some of the most die-hard collectors and investors gather to share ideas and let each other know their thoughts.

The forums are well moderated which helps facilitate the high-level discussion that takes place. The admins do a good job of making sure that the forums are run smoothly. If you’re looking for a place to discuss sports cards and meet some like-minded people, Blowout Forums is second to none.

everyone has their own schedule and can choose how intense they want to engage with these communities. For some, they will end up being leaders or moderators of these pages and deeply intertwine their life. For others, these places are just for checking up on occasion and they will keep a very casual relationship. Both of these approaches have value and either way you will gain more knowledge by interacting with these communities.

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