Adidas Yeezy Knit Runner Boot “Sulfur” Price, Release Date, On Foot

Yeezy Knit Runner Boot Sulfur

Yeezy fans rejoice because November seems like a hectic month for Kanye West, Adidas, and YEEZY. This long-established partnership will reveal a myriad of new silhouettes while also re-releasing many other sneakers. Here’s a close-up look at the high-cut boot iteration of the long-awaited YEEZY KNIT RUNNER BOOT (often styled as YZY KNIT RNR BT) in “Sulfur”.


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Release Date: November 12 or 13, 2021
Expected Price: €/$400.
Style Name: YZY KNIT RNR BT Sulfur
Comfortable, ultralistic design 
Super expensive
WaxNKicks Rating:
3.22/5 (moderate-buy)


Adidas Yeezy Knit Runner Boot “Sulfur” Release

This year alone, we’ve had a lot of drops, such as the Adidas YEEZY FOAM RNR 450 in “Vermillion” that’s available on StockX for $160, among other colorways. One of those September releases, for example, is the Adidas YEEZY DESERT BOOT (DSRT BT) in “Oil”, which is available on StockX for $299. Adidas is streamlining its releases with these brand-new acclaimed silhouettes.

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Yeezy Knit Runner Boot “Sulfur”
ID: 598573 Caption: YZY KNIT RNR BT SULFUR

By the end of last September, the brand unveiled the YEEZY KNIT RUNNER which boasts a bold design and a seamless silhouette. A little over a month after its initial release, the YEEZY KNIT RUNNER is about to make a comeback. The upcoming drop includes the “Sulfur” colorway in both sneakers and boots. According to sneaker leak social media account @Yeezyinfluence, the latest unique Adidas YEEZY KNIT RUNNER BOOT will make its retail debut in the middle of this month.

Yeezy knit runner boot sulfur where to buy
From on the new Yeezy Knit Runner Boot: “The YZY KNIT RNR BT Sulfur features a first of its kind laceless construction with a midfoot tuck execution that allows the premium knit upper to hug the contours of the foot, leading to an adaptable fit with easy on and off wear. The canvas upper shaft has 150 grams of 3M thinsulate to lock in heat, while a waterproof membrane keeps the foot dry. A soft PU toe reinforcement offers stability and protection. Additionally, an EVA midsole offers a cushioned feel for all-day comfort, and the rubber outsole offers unique design cues and traction”


Where to but Adidas Yeezy Knit Runner Sneakers 


Moreover, the revived high-cut boot version is also available on StockX for $1,800.

YEEZY MAFIA is reportedly releasing this innovative sneaker boot lineup as a homage to the past and an ode to the future.


Features and Attributes

Initially, the insulated boot was getting all the hype in the YEEZY lineup this year, but these revamped YEEZY KNIT RUNNER BOOTS in “Sulfur” stole the spotlight.

Once again, they’re pretty similar to the initially debuted vibrant, zesty yellow sneakers. However, these will have more spikes at the bottom with a shark-teeth-like feature and an elevated sail-based upper, sculpted silhouette, and superior boot shape. The anticipation for these knit runner boots has been off the charts the entire year! Overall, they’re beyond exciting as YEEZY yet again has exceeded our expectations.

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A Futuristic Take

Kanye West wearing YEEZY KNIT RUNNER BOOT "Sulfur"Kanye West – image source BACKGRID at

Step into the future with these space-age film-inspired boots. Kanye West rocked these boots innumerable times throughout the past year and wore them in public for the first time at Paris Fashion Week. These futuristic boots previously premiered in the YEEZY Season 8 Paris showcase in 2020 next to the NSLTD BOOT, available on StockX for $458.

The newest drop delivers the previous low-cut construction of the divisive YZY KNIT RNR. To be precise, the lower half is partially identical to the knitted, yellow-colored exterior. It also features a subtly improved ripped sole for a fresh uptake and some care-free edge.

The reimagined silhouette is similar to the quilting of the YZY NSLTD BT, however, it has less padding and is more weightless. There’s also an upgraded, ultra-cool extension on top, which is identical to those found in sci-fi movies. The versatile design is in-your-face with a loud lugged outsole. Also, it has a high-top ankle strap that looks like a bandage stamp, serving a worn-out look.

Kanye West – image source BACKGRID at


YEEZY Knit RNR Sulfur On Feet Photos

 Yeezy Knit Runner Boot "Sulfur"

yeezy rnr boot sulfur


Prominent Features

These modern and minimalist boots capture your attention and bring you comfort. The NSLTD BOOT features a similar lower half in hue with a khaki collar wrapping that surrounds an encased two-toned tan upper half. There’s fine craftsmanship on the velcro-fastening system. It’s added for an effortless, easy slip-on with a black outline for a slight contrast and a subtle flex. The midsole is in the titular tone sitting between a rough, jagged outsole specifically made for those heavy snow days.

Similar to the Off-White elegant embellishments and simple arrangements, these sneakers have an elastic collar with the words “WATERPROOF” and “DESIGNED IN THE USA” to showcase their polished production. This boot is an artistic break that draws the eye with the previously mentioned feature and the collar. Everything is mindfully crafted on this pair of unique boots—from the motifs to the materials used.

Kanye West – image source BACKGRID at


Expected Release

Rumors claim that the Nasa-Esque sneaker-boot will launch on November 13 on the Adidas online store and other select retailers. However, there’s no official announcement yet. Be on the lookout for the upcoming release of the Adidas YEEZY KNIT RUNNER BOOT in “Sulfur”. Stay tuned for statements at the beginning of the next week. There will likely be some updates a few days before the release date.

For now, enjoy a quick peek and check out the leaked images of the new sneakers above. Keep your eyes open right here for this one-of-a-kind offering.


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